On your soccer site, turning the daily site traffic into money just got easier. In this century, it is no longer a myth that your full time or even part time soccer site could so easily turn into a money-making asset in so many ways. Having a soccer site up and running implies a number of expenses which must be cleared. When the site is a money-generating asset in return, you get your domain hosting money’s worth.

Affiliate Marketing

A soccer site bears great money-making potential, especially when affiliate marketing is involved. Affiliate marketing through affiliate links has become one of the most common and easiest way to generate money from, not only a football site, but also any site or blog with good traffic. The soccer industry has grown to incorporate more than just soccer. Today, the online gambling market gets larger by the day and with each gambling has the need to aggressively market the products they offer. This presents an income generating opportunity when you use your soccer site to indorse and promote them to the site’s visitors through the affiliate link and you get some money in return for every click on that link. This is a commission which is usually something between 30% and 70%, which indeed sounds like a nice deal. At Casino Brawl you can find some content inspiration for a affiliate site.

Ads: Pay-per-click Advertizement

With a soccer site, opportunities are limitless. You could break out of your shell and try the pay per click advertizing. In the online world today, Google AdSense is the most common way to explore this opportunity. When you sign up for a pay per click service, ads which are relevant to soccer are placed on your site and you get paid every time a visitor on the site click on an ad and the higher the site traffic, the higher the number of “ad clicks” on your site and therefore more income is realised.

Visitor Donations

With loyal and strongly engaged visitors on your soccer site, donations are another way to make some cash. When soccer fan visits your site and like the content, they may wish to offer support. Adding a donation button within the site’s pages allows you to receive one-off donations via online payment methods.

Get leads for peer companies

Another way for your soccer site to make money is by leading customer traffic to other soccer-related companies for some money in return. Just like affiliate marketing, this way benefits both you and the company whose product you’re marketing and as long as they pay in return, the benefit is mutual.