Widely regarded as one the most competitive leagues in Europe, the Premier League boasts a list of exciting football talent attracting the best of the best.

So, you’ve got your ticket, and you are ready to go! Now you are ready to live the dream. The atmosphere is electric, with fans geared up to support two of the greatest teams in the English Premier League: Liverpool vs Manchester United.

Playing at home, the Liverpool fans outnumber the opponents, and from the turn stalls, you can hear the cheers and roars from inside the stadium. Now all you need to do is blend into the thrilling atmosphere. Holding your red scarf high and singing at the top of your voice, it’s the moment you have been waiting for. The moment to give your most extraordinary musical performance with “You’ll never walk alone”. An emotional moment that you cannot appreciate unless you are actually in the stadium. An emotion that goes beyond football.

Kick-off at 3.00pm, the players are on the pitch, and you can now experience Premier League football at its finest. With all the top players just metres from you, it will be difficult to forget such an experience. You can find more information online about upcoming matches and how to reach them.